About Us 

Cablefree LED offers the leading technology in wireless, battery-powered lighting and decorative furniture for the event industry on the Scandinavian market. Through our expertise and high-end products from Astera, we are our customers’ professional partner in creating unique atmosphere at corporate conferences, creative events, amazing concerts, breath-taking performances, magical festival nights and other memorable moments.

Through our passion and dedicated employees, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality products and the best possible service resulting in both long-term relationships and unforgettable moments. Cablefree LED is part of Dansk Mobilscene A/S, a trusted partner in the event industry since 2002. Dansk Mobilscene AS was founded by Jörg Gaide-Harringe. The company is the leading supplier of event equipment solutions, stages and tents. In 2012 introduced Astera LED Technology GMBH decorative cable-free LED lamps and PE furniture to Jörg Gaide-Harringe and Cablefree LED was established as the main distributor of Astera products on the Scandinavian market.