Charging Cases

Here is our selection of the charging cases, combined transport and charging cases.
17 Item(s)
Astera Titan Charging Case-20
NYX Bulb Transportation Case-20
PowerStation with built-in battery for FP5-20
E27 socket for FP5-20
PowerStation Charging Case-20
Astera Helios Charging Case-20
Astera AX1 Charging Case-20
Astera Softbag for Titan Tube and AX1-20
Astera Softbag for Helios Tube-20
Astera AX3 Charging Case-20
Amptown AX5 Flightcase-20
Astera AX5 Charging Case-20
Case It Charging Case for 4 pcs. AX7 or AX10-20
Case It Charging Case for 8 pcs. AX7 or AX10-20
Astera Charging Plate for 4 x AX5-20
Astera Charging Plate for 8 x AX5-20
Astera Titan Tube Power Box-20
17 Item(s)