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Cablefree LED 

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General Questions
Who is Cablefree LED?Which type of battery does the lamp have?Is it difficult and technical to manage?
FixturesHow do I get my lamp to stick?How long can I use the lights on one charge?
ControllersHow big is the beam angle?What is a dimmer function?
Be inspiredAre my lamps waterproof?What is a power plan?
 Can my lamps resist towards dust?How do I create different groups to the lights? (addressing)
 How do I charge my lamps?Can I control lights via wireless DMX and professional light consoles?
 How do I connect my lamps?How many DMX channels does the lights occupies?
 How do I reset my lamps?Which bandwidth operate lights on?
 Do I need WiFi for my lamps?Does the ARC1 remote control and ART7 AsteraBox transmit constant to the lights?
 Can I control them throught another app?How long does it take to charge the battery?
 What is Wireless solution and lumen radio?Are the batteries safe?
 Can I send my lamps to service for free, if something goes wrongHow many times can i charge the battery?
 Can the fixtures be set to another desired frequency than the 868 MHz?What is an IP authentication?
 What is the batterytime on the lamps when clicking at the 3 sun buttons on ARC1?Are the products certified?
 Can I divide my lamps into groups in the Astera APP?What is the delivery time?
 How long does the Astera products stream?What guarantee do you offer?
 Will the Astera products be disturbed by wireless microphones? What is the durability of the LEDs?
 Can i use the product while it is charging?What is the range between charges, if the lamps are not used?
 Does the battery take damage if it is set to a permanent power supply?How do i store the fixtures?
 How do I divide AX3 CRMX lamps in various DMX groups, if I use lumen radio?How to update the Astera App